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Since everyone can leave comments on the website, we have to check them before publication. Otherwise, spam services will “write” a lot of nonsence… In this article, there are several principles that the Tip-to-trip.com administrator is guided by.

Your personal data and its use

When you try to leave a comment, the website will ask three things:

  1. Comment text. Write your question, review or advice to other tourists here. Be polite and follow the rules. They are written a little further.
  2. Name. You don’t have to use your real first and last name. If you are concerned about the security of your personal data, a pseudonym is enough. Well, or you can introduce yourself with any fictitious name. For example, John Smith or Emily Black.
  3. Email. An email address is needed so that the administration has the opportunity to somehow contact you.
    For example, we may notify you that we have received a response to your questions or request additional information if you have provided feedback.Once again, if you’re afraid about your personal data, you can use a fictitious email.

We do not send spam or share your personal data with third parties. Only the website administration, represented by Steven Smullen, has access to the data.

However, please note that your ISP, the authors of your browser, the VPN owner and many other third parties have the technical ability to intercept Internet traffic. Nothing particularly secret to write here. Although what kind of secrets can be on a travel site?

Spam protection system

Hundreds of comments come to the website every day. 99% of them are outright spam. Therefore, the website has automatic algorithms that filter such messages. The authors don’t even see them.

Unfortunately, any algorithms do not work perfectly. Sometimes legitimate messages end up in spam. And we don’t always notice it. If you left a normal message, and I didn’t publish it, most likely it got into spam.

In this case, I recommend trying to write again, but in more detail.

Features of posting comments on the website

Any comment or question is published only after approval by its administrator represented by Steven Smullen. I reserve the right not to post any comments. But I rarely use it.

Normal messages are published almost always. If you want your comment to be published, follow the rules:

Criticism and insults

Reasoned criticism, useful comments and showing us our errors are always welcome. Please be polite and don’t get personal.

Any insults to anyone will be removed, criticism is ignored. Before you fiercely criticize the authors of articles or other commentators, remember that all people are different and their life experience can be very different. Maybe it just doesn’t match yours.

If you disagree with something, you can argue. But only politely and reasonably.

Company reviews

The website receives quite a lot of reviews about different companies. Sometimes they are good, sometimes they are bad. Not all are real. Someone is trying to “knock down” competitors, and some do not hesitate to praise himself.

If you want to talk about your experience of renting a car or buying excursions anywhere, write in detail and give us as many facts as possible. Try to make your review as informative and helpful as possible.

The administration reserves the right to write you a personal email letter and ask you to show the voucher or somehow confirm that you really were a client of the company you are writing about.

Reliability of reviews

We take the honesty of the reviews on our website seriously. It does not matter if they are complimentary or there is continuous criticism. If the review seems suspicious to us, we request confirmation via email.

Ways to confirm the truthfulness of the review:

  • Provide a photo of the voucher from the company you wrote about.
  • Submit a photo with a guide.
  • Provide a screenshot of the payment from the online banking history.
  • Any other ways that will allow to verify that you really used the services of the company about which you are writing a review.

The administrator deletes your letter with materials confirming the truthfulness of the review immediately after verification. We do not store screenshots of vouchers or your photos. We do not need this personal data.

After deleting your letter, the administrator publishes a review with a note that it has been verified. For example: “review validated with voucher” or “review validated with photo with a guide”.

Why check reviews?

There are too many fake reviews on the internet. Companies praise themselves or trying to “knock down” competitors. In order to somehow complicate the life of scammers, we have introduced this proofcheck. It will allow our readers to have at least some confidence that the review is true.

Errors and inaccuracies

Articles may contain errors or inaccuracies. I strive to fight them, but apparently, this is an endless process. The world is changing. Tips that were useful yesterday can become meaningless today.

I will be glad if you share the errors you found. This can be done in the comments, but it’s better to write a personal letter. All ways to contact me are on the “Contacts” page.

Off-topic chat

Each article focuses on a specific topic. It can be car rental in Cyprus, excursions in Prague or something else.

I want the website to have the maximum concentration of useful information and people do not have to shovel tons of text for the sake of 2-3 useful tips.

I ask you not to deviate from the topic of the article. It’s still not a forum of interest.

Advertising and spam

Any advertising and spam in the comments is prohibited. Posts with any links or obviously promotional text will not be published.

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It is impossible to be an expert in everything. But I can find people with really rich experience. Therefore, this website has a lot of information from travelers who know what they are writing about.

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