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We prefer that any communication with users occurs through comments under thematic articles. So the question and the answer to it will be visible to other people. It will help not to answer 100 times about the same thing.

If you have questions about car rental in Prague or excursions in Georgia, write them under the relevant articles. This way you will get an answer as quickly as possible.

Please read the Commenting Rules before posting a comment.

But if suddenly your question cannot be solved in any way through the comments, you can write us: maketrip@hotmail.com.

This is an email address that all team members have access to. Therefore, it is better to indicate in the subject line of the letter to whom it is intended and its purpose. For example: “To editor, aboout typos on the website.”

When it makes sense to write an email instead of a comment:

  1. Typos and errors. If there are grammatical errors, you have found a few typos, or you see any other semantic error, it is better to report it via email.
    You can also write in the comments. We will not publish it (there is no benefit for readers), but we will correct the errors anyway.
  2. Recommendations. Maybe you have good ideas or tips for website development? Write them, we’ll discuss it. I can’t promise to do it, but I’ll think about it.
  3. Personal questions. Want to ask a question that can’t be posted publicly? Then you can contact us by email.
  4. Copyright infringement. We are very careful to ensure that copyrights on the website are never violated. All texts are 100% copyright, photos are legally bought and they have licenses.
    But if you suddenly think that we have violated your rights, please let us know immediately. And we’ll try to fix the issue.
  5. Promotional offers. We are very careful about advertising and do not interfere with  the authors’ opinion. Details can be found in the article about the project.
    But time goes by and everything changes. New good companies are emerging. So I admit that we can contact the author and ask him to check your company on occasion. Well, if it is good, then it is not a sin to include a mention of it in the article, right?


    Сергей Smolin редактор Tip-to-Trip

    Steven Smullen
    Chief Editor

    Hello. I am Steven Smullen, the Editor-in-Chief of Tip-to-Trip.com,
    the travel portal you are currently reading.

    It is impossible to be an expert in everything. But I can find people with really rich experience. Therefore, this website has a lot of information from travelers who know what they are writing about.

    I hope the article was helpful. If so, show this site to your friends. And in exchange I'll give you links that helps me to travel:


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