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I’ve collected links to websites that will be useful when organising a trip to the Czech Republic. Some are well-known and very popular, others are purely local, which even I did not know about before.

The list was updated in the spring of 2022. Sorry, but some of the links stopped working and I deleted them.

Bookmark this page. It loads as quickly as possible and does not consume a lot of expensive traffic. There are no pictures, comments and other useless things.

Air tickets and flights

  • Aviasales.com – looking for flights. Compares prices from different agencies and airlines. Helps to find a convenient flight at a normal price. It is easy to find a favourable rate and buy directly through them.

Why do we recommend it?

Than is the fact that through Aviasales you can find cheap tickets. This allows you to do any ticket search engine. And there are many. Here’s what service provides:

  • If you just go to the website of an airline or agency, they will quietly try to include “in-flight insurance” and a bunch of other meaningless things in the price. The interface is made as confusing as possible. It is not always clear how to refuse such “options”.
  • If you go to the same site through Aviasales.com, the agency or airline company will also try to sell you these services. But they will only offer them, not quietly include in the price, hoping that you will not notice.

That’s why I advise you to use a search engine to make it easier to buy tickets.

The second plus is reliability. I don’t know which agency can be trusted, and which website is a scammer. And certainly not aware of which airlines / agencies are on the verge of bankruptcy, but still sell tickets. And Aviasales has professionals who carefully monitor this and remove dubious options from the search results.

  • Prg.aero – Prague airport website. There you can see the online board of departures and arrivals, there is a map of the airport and parking lots, information about luggage storage, shops, restaurants, etc.


  • Booking.com – obvious option. The most popular site for booking hotels and apartments for your travel.
  • AirBnB.com – here you can book an apartment or a room in an apart-hotel. Sometimes there are some pretty good deals.
  • Hotellook.com – you find accommodation on Booking or AirBnB? Check the price here. Sometimes it turns out to book significantly cheaper.

Transfers, buses, railway and taxi

  • KiwiTaxi.com – transfers around the world, including the Czech Republic. Convenient if you need to order a taxi from the airport.
  • Intui.Travel – another site with transfer services. Differs in prices.
  • FlixBus – bus tickets in the Czech Republic and Europe.
  • Cd.cz – Website of the Czech Railways.
  • Rail Europe – also train tickets throughout Europe. A user-friendly interface.
  • Dpp.cz – Prague public transport website. It can make routes for you. But Google Maps is still more convenient.

Excursions and entertainment

  • Viator – The best site for excursions in Prague. There are individual tours, inexpensive group options, excursions with headphones. Here you can find excursions throughout the Czech Republic and even to Germany and Austria.
  • GetYourGuide.com – a huge selection of excursions, entertainment and activities. Not all options are good, so read reviews.
  • TicketNetwork.com – tickets for events and concerts.

Car rental

  • Localrent.com – car rental from trusted local companies. Lower prices, better service. You can take a car at the airport or in the city.
  • Rentalcars.com – the largest car rental search engine worldwide.
  • Alternatives: Economybookings and Discovercars. Sometimes it’s cheaper there, but you need to look what offers are available for your dates.

Useful article: all the nuances of renting a car in Prague by Garry.


The exchange rate at the airport or in the tourist center is not always favourable. Many exchangers have a hidden commission. Sometimes you lose 20-30% of the exchange amount. Exchangers have websites where you can find the current exchange rate.

According to the new law, you can refuse from completing the exchange for some time. But why would you even go to a bad place in the first place?

  • Map of Prague exchangers – it is easy to find an exchanger near you and see what the exchange rate will be there.
  • Xchange Grossmann – personally verified exchanger with a good rate.
  • eXchange – another reliable exchanger. You can see the current exchange rate online.

Local websites

Here I give links to official government sites, sites of information centers, attractions and national parks.

Embassies and phone numbers

Emergency telephones (toll-free):

  • 112 – emergency help. Works like 911.
  • 150 – fire department.
  • 155 – Emergency medical service.
  • 156 – city police.
  • 158 – police.

City websites

As in any tourist country, the Czech Republic has official tourist websites of cities, which are usually running by information centers.

I wouldn’t say they are very informative. Bloggers write more interesting things. But there you can usually find the current schedule of holidays and events.


  • Prague.eu – official tourist site of the city. Attraction opening hours, ticket prices and other information.
  • Map of tourist information centers of Prague – you can take a paper map of the city, advertisements for local businesses, or get answers to common travel questions. Sometimes quite useful.
  • Hrad.cz – Prague Castle website. Map, ticket prices, information.
  • Praha-vysehrad.cz – Visegrad website. Not much useful information yet. But maybe the site will be improved later.

Other cities in the Czech Republic

  • Karlovyvary.cz – official website of the city of Karlovy Vary. There is a program of upcoming events, information center contacts, etc.
  • Ckrumlov.info – there is quite a lot of information in English and Czech.
  • Gotobrno.cz – official website of the city of Brno for tourists. There is a schedule of local events. Website in English, German or Czech.
  • Jizni-morava.cz – website of the South Moravia region. An English version has recently appeared. There is a schedule of events, attractions and useful information.
  • Pilsen.eu – official website of Pilsen (you may go there for a good beer). The English version is not as good as the Czech one, but you can find some information here as well.

National parks and attractions websites

  • Moravskykras.net – website of the Moravian Karst National Park. There is a cool cave, beautiful nature and an amazing castle nearby.
  • Npsumava.cz – Schuman National Park website. It is the largest in the Czech Republic. Lots of wild animals in the natural environment.
  • Cesky-raj.info – website of the Czech Paradise National Park, which is located near Prague.
  • Zamky-hrady.cz – selection of castles and fortresses in the Czech Republic.

useful links

Restaurants and food

  • Zomato.com – search for restaurants by reviews. You can look at inexpensive daily menus (business lunches) or find unusual places.
  • Slevomat.cz – website with discounts. Including restaurants.
  • Ratebeer.com – Beer TOP. A selection of the best Czech beers.
  • Atlaspiv.cz – map of local breweries and pubs.
  • Damejidlo.cz – food delivery in Prague and other cities of the Czech Republic.

Maps of Prague and Czech Republic

There are many local mapping services, but it is still more convenient for tourists to use Google Maps :

  • Google Map of Prague and Czech Republic – You can use the online version, or you can download the application for iOS or Android.
    Very easy and reliable when building routes on public transport. It knows when to take which minibus and where to switch to another one.

In order not to overpay for mobile network, I recommend you to download offline maps in advance. This can be done through an app on your smartphone. Then your megabytes will be spent only on laying routes by public transport and viewing fresh reviews about establishments.

Online translators

Google Translate – translates from Czech into English and vice versa. You can communicate using simultaneous translation or translate menus in restaurants by simply pointing the camera at them. You may also store useful expressions in a dictionary.

In order not to loose data, you can download the Czech language in advance via WiFi. Then part of the functionality works offline.

Apps: Android, iOS.

mobile network

I do not advise you to travel without mobile data. You’ll need the Internet to get directions by public transport, look at reviews of restaurants and attractions, call a taxi, communicate with apartment owners, distributors or relatives who have stayed at home.

There are international tourist sim cards that also work in the Czech Republic. Here is a list of those used by the authors:

  • DrimSim – there is internet, calls and SMS. Convenient mobile application. None of the authors had problems with this card. A card with a conditionally eternal validity period. It does not need to be replenished every six months.
  • OnlyInternet – offers only internet. Specifically in the Czech Republic, it is cheaper than DrimSim. But my card did not always work stably. And it must be replenished every six months. Otherwise, the number “burns out”.

If you come for a long time and plan to use the Internet often, it is recommended to buy a local SIM card. Websites of Czech mobile operators:

All websites are in Czech, but you can understand them with the help of an online translator. Read in advance which operator you want and what tariff you need.

The SIM card itself can be bought at the airport or in any supermarket. But it’s better to go to the company store. Then the seller will help with activation and settings. And they are not obvious for all operators.

Although specifically in the Czech Republic, taking a local SIM card is not so profitable. According to the European Commission, here are the highest prices for mobile communications and the Internet in the European Union. So you won’t be able to save that much – roaming is an option too, after all.

P.S.  You can do without the Internet if you desire. But then you need do a hard work before your trip: download a dozen applications, constantly look for free WiFi and it still may be very inconvenient.

How we made this list?

We tried to include only really useful sites and links in the selection that will be useful to many travelers.

It’s not hard to give you 1000 very similar links to everything. And let you figure it out. We tried to mention a minimum of similar resources. Yes, there are websites in the list that offer the same thing. But they have different prices, stock or other important differences.

We also give you the most convenient and functional options. For example, the Czech Republic has its own search engine, map service or weather forecast sites. But it is easier and more convenient for tourists to use options from Google.

Please note that this is a list of websites that will be useful to tourists. If you decide to move to Prague, then it is better to look for local sites.

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